Monthly Archives: June 2012

Fascination and boredom

So, my first full year as a grad student is over. And it was exhausting.
garlic bulbI’ve cut plants apart, gone canoeing along Union Bay, and researched more than you’d ever want to know about mammal feeding habits. I’ve looked at hotel suites in Seattle and conferences I didn’t know existed until I thought looking them up was a good idea. (Seriously, there are so many cool press/trade-only conferences in Seattle.
S'mores cupcakeI went to the NW Foodservice Show, and squealed like a fangirl over giant stand mixers. I ate smoked salmon while contemplating aquaculture and whether or not I could eat five pounds of the stuff at once. I ate way too much sugar.

Personally, I’m sure that this stuff is boring to most people. It’s obviously not as exciting as the Tom Douglas Mega-Tour.
CormLike this? This is a crocus corm from one of my classes. All those lines are nodes (it’s a modified stem). You can cut it into pieces to get more croci, or let cormels develop on the sides. Cormels! I think this is freaking adorable. You probably don’t, and that’s totally fine.
one awesome birdThe main reason I cut down on my posting is that I’m now working for CraveLocal as the Food Ninja for Seattle. (Yes, I chose my title, why do you ask?) As I don’t want to be fully repetitive, and I can only write so many things on my thesis, I’m limited in my subject matter. Maybe once I’m out of grad school it won’t be as difficult, but for now it’s frustrating.

Or it won’t change and all and I’ll still be lazy when it comes to my own blog. Knowing me, that’s the obvious answer.

Future posting – if I can manage more than one a month – will focus probably on side thoughts I had while writing for CraveLocal. Policy, management, design. I’m starting year two of my degrees, after all, and I’m going to be doing way too much financial coursework.

So yes, it’s a bit boring. But I think it can still be fascinating.