Monthly Archives: July 2012

On dessert laziness

I am a really, really lazy pastry chef. I rarely finish a dessert in its intended form; you ask me to make a layer cake and you’re going to get filled cupcakes. Sure, I know how to layer cakes and set things up, but the actual execution usually ends up off course entirely. It will still taste good, but I’m not one to serve or eat bad desserts. So fast forward to the last few days, when I decided I would field test two cookbooks sitting on my shelves, Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. Continue reading »

On being a brand, and dessert

An issue I’m currently having is dealing with other brands and how blunt I can be in varying mediums. Not that I intend to be dishonest, more how awkward it can be to review something as a spokesperson versus my normal ranting. I hope to keep my CraveLocal reviews somewhat separate from my rantings here at Ricochet Biscuit, but I can’t exactly ignore the fact that people will search both blogs for my work. I mean, it has already happened.

So let me test the waters with a mini-review of a dessert I tried recently: the Cool Spin from ART Restaurant. Continue reading »