Monthly Archives: November 2013

A sabbatical from Ricochet Biscuit – and twitter

I’m going on a blogging/tweeting sabbatical. Starting now.

Why? Because I’m still sick, and it’s not getting better. I’m not dying – trust me, that would be a different kind of post – but for now the best thing I can do is limit my non-school engagements. I’d planned to get away with dropping my post frequency, but cold turkey really is the best option. And that also means going silent on twitter. Cold turkey, not cold pheasant-that-kind-of-has-turkey-features.

My goal is to do this until January 1, 2014. Ricochet will probably be inactive slightly longer, while I work with full force on my next big project, but I’ll return to twitter by then. And by then, you won’t be able to get rid of me.

I’m not particularly thrilled about this decision, but my health has been poor for too long. I just need time to recuperate.

Also, right now I want to devote my free time to doing the things I talk about doing, rather than just writing about what I want to do. So if you need a co-conspirator for potentially bad ideas, I’ll still be checking my jessica @ email. (If you’re a friend catching this and I haven’t contacted you yet, send me a smoke signal.)

In the words of Granny Weatherwax, I aten’t dead. I’m just off doing other things instead of my thesis.