About Me


I’m Jess, a grad student with aspirations of one day no longer being a grad student.

The goal of Ricochet Biscuit, long name and all, is to cover that shiny world outside of my ivory towers. (Yes, two – I’m a MS/MPA student.) For now that’s mainly food and travel, but I’m working on adding more in science, since science is cool.

I travel, write, and take photos with my official fish listener/husband Chris and our lovely roommate Yoni. My research involves studying nutria, an invasive rodent, and if I can eat cupcakes that day.

Feel free to email me at jessica (at) ricochetbiscuit.com. I’m usually open to ideas, especially when they involve ice cream.

And now, to answer some questions:

Where did ‘Ricochet Biscuit’ come from?

A friend of mine, Anne, suggested it. It just rocks. (Like many scientists, and almost all now-dead historians, I’m really bad at naming things.)

Who took that photo of you with the cupcake?

The crazy awesome Diana Lee. Check out her work here.

Are you available to photograph/blog/write for me?

Yes! Send me an email; I’d love to discuss ideas.

Are you actually balancing that cupcake on your head?

Yep. It’s a tradition of mine – if you see me at a conference, I’ll probably be balancing some kind of food object on my head. The probability of this occurring increases to 100% if I know Tom Douglas will be there.

The Disclaimer (dun-dun-DUN):

I’m the Food Ninja for the Crave Local Media Network, running product reviews, eating at restaurants, and hitting up events across Seattle. If I mention Crave Local (CL/Crave Local/Crave Local Media Network) in a post, I often was given the item for a promotion or worked as part of a paid editorial. I try to be as transparent as all get out, but if you’re concerned, give me a note. I’m not going to do a review unless I’m allowed to be honest, though I know by bias being given a freebie means I’m probably going to be slightly nicer about it.

Extra criticism, complete with offers to introduce you to my major advisor, costs extra.