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The new blog is here!

If you want to see my current work, head over to! It’s a tiny thing, give it time. Oh, and I got out of grad school! Sort of. I got my MPA and a certificate from the Business School in entrepreneurship. Still trying to figure out what to write for my forestry degree. But hey! […]

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Final Announcements

With that last post, I’m closing shop here on Ricochet Biscuit. And it has been a blast. I’ve managed to go from completely lost food photographer pondering thesis #1 to completely lost grad student finishing thesis #2. I’ve traveled, eaten so many neat things, and talked about subjects silly to serious. All from my wanting […]

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IFBC, consent, and building a better blogging world

Below the fold is my long overdue discussion on IFBC. Sadly, this post comes with trigger warnings for: rape, antifeminism/misogyny, harassment, racism, and group policing. I wish I was kidding.

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Quick update on post-IFBC posting

I’m still mentally decompressing from IFBC, but I wanted to say here that I am already working on a response to the events that happened on Saturday. As I’m also planning to meet with people in the local ethics community to get outside opinions, and I have some major research deadlines approaching on my thesis, […]

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IFBC Liveblogging: Day 1

So I’m going to be liveblogging IFBC, which will be posted below the fold to remove the issue of spoilers. Consider it one giant sponsored post, because there’s a lot of swag being given out during the con and that’s effectively what the schedule looks like.

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