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Eating contests: the good and the bad

So the other day I took part in my first ever eating contest. And I lost. Horribly. But I don’t think that was a bad thing.

Eating contests

I mean, I kind of saw this coming – while my stomach is a vast and unstoppable pit of hunger, I prefer to eat 5-10+ times a day in small batches rather than consuming large amounts at any one point. That being said, I love BeanFish’s taiyaki and saw the contest as a win-win: if I won, free taiyaki for a year. If I lost, free taiyaki for a day. Either way, free taiyaki.

There were five of us, with five minutes to eat ten taiyaki and finish a bottle of ramune. Nerves were high, stakes were moderate, and bellies were on empty. Well, except for mine – mine’s never sated.

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Cake Day: Crumble & Flake

Oh, Crumble & Flake.

Crumble & Flake

Don’t bring your lactose and gluten-intolerant friends there. If you do, there will be… Words about their opinion of you. Probably even Sentences.

When they first opened about a year ago, which now seems like forever, the lines were atrocious. I never fought them – I’m way too lazy for that – but everyone knew about the place closing no later than nine every morning. There was a food nerd frustration voiced on twitter fairly regularly about the general inability to get a single bite from their butter-laden shelves. I was excited when I managed to get there at 10 am one morning for a pair of cream puffs.

(It’s bad enough that the main page of their website actually lists out, by day, when it’s best to get an order in.) Continue reading »

An afternoon tea for the nicest of crafters

Now that I’m moving more and more into the world of photography, things that involve studio gear are awesome. This mainly has become a deep, multifaceted obsession with surfaces.

Like the other day I checked out Zero Landfill, an event where architecture firms drop off their samples and you can take home whatever you want – for free.

afternoon tea

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Cheesecake conundrums

A few days ago, my roommate asked me to make the house favorite cheesecake. It’s ridiculously dense, requiring a whopping forty ounces of cream cheese, and temperamental, baked at 550 degrees to puff up into this towering pseudo-souffle. I have yet to make it without scorching something, but we usually cut off the top and call it good.


So we went to Whole Foods, got distracted temporarily by fruit and chocolate, and returned home with our prizes to make culinary magic.

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Cake Day: The Wandering Goose

This is a tale of two biscuits, baked on the same day, if not in the same batch, and their wildly different experiences.

The Wandering Goose

Like any good tale, it begins with a dream. I had a random craving for Crumble and Flake, and my roommate felt like helping me achieve cream puff nirvana. Since it was midmorning and kind of a dreary day, I had vague hopes that they might be open. For once.

And of course, they were closed. (Going to Crumble and Flake always feels like a lottery, even if it’s nine in the morning.) Since we still wanted something sugary, we hoofed it over to Bakery Nouveau for cake, and then made a pit stop at The Wandering Goose for biscuits. Continue reading »