Overkill in ice cream form

I love overkill. While my stomach is finally beginning to concede to adulthood, I grew up happily eating whole racks of pork ribs and nibbling constantly on whatever snacks I could find. I remember this one time in college where we estimate I consumed four whole sushi rolls, a bowl of rice, edamame, and who knows what else. I was in the back of my friend’s car, groaning “I regret nothing!” while said someone else exclaimed, “Where did it all go!?” Instead of just eating tons of food, I’m now moving towards small bites of decadence with a vaguely healthy center.
Today’s plan started off as usual in terms of kitchen plots: the day before I frozen had a bunch of bananas that were going ripe, so I had a vague plan of making a smoothie. (By “smoothie,” I mean a kale-spinach-banana-mixed fruit-chia seed-greek yogurt monstrosity that I consume in 1-4 portions.) Then I remembered that Molly of CakeFYI had posted a picture of banana ice cream, and those plans got scrapped. A few clicks later, some review of The Kitchn recipe archives, and I had two containers of Nutella and dark chocolate banana ice cream solidifying in the freezer.
Then I had to decide what to do with these treats. The sane plan would have been to eat them straight, maybe with some more of the banana coins. But our shipment of Valrhona Caramelia in feve and pearl form arrived a few days ago, and our house almost always has Nutella. I could at least argue that it was good photography practice, as brown on brown is a pain to make look pretty. Stuff went in the microwave, things got plated, I had a sundae.

The best part of this is that we’re dealing with water issues in my photography room, so my usual work space is 94 degrees while it essentially kiln-dries. So I also got to practice shooting in different locations! Every day is an excuse to learn.
It worked pretty well. The ice cream still had a strong hit of banana, but the cocoa powder shone through. The Nutella was unexpectedly weak for the 3 T Nutella: 1.5 bananas ratio, but I can always add more next time. I think I preferred the texture in soft serve form over the finished ‘ice cream’ – too many ice crystals formed during refreezing. I’m not sure how much that had to do with the fact that I used bananas that weren’t super ripe. I see more banana ice cream sundaes in my future, because desserts are always about experimentation.

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