Quick update on post-IFBC posting

I’m still mentally decompressing from IFBC, but I wanted to say here that I am already working on a response to the events that happened on Saturday. As I’m also planning to meet with people in the local ethics community to get outside opinions, and I have some major research deadlines approaching on my thesis, I suspect it will take me at least until late next week to get everything sorted out. I know this is the kind of thing to reply to while the fire’s hot, but I personally have a lot to say and it will take time to organize it all.

In the interim, I want to thank everyone who’s talked to me, publicly and privately, about how they felt about IFBC and Todd Coleman’s talk. I’m so glad you’ve been able to talk to me in whatever way you’re most comfortable, and I hope we can keep this dialogue going. I will continue to do my best to respond to people as PMs, emails, and tweets come in. School starts this week, so I’ll have to slow down on replying while I figure out what I’m doing this quarter, but I’ll keep on trying to answer questions and comments.

As a general update, I still plan to stay on a public writing hiatus after this settles out, as I really need to graduate already. (Dorie Greenspan kind of asked me to.) That does not mean I intend to stay silent.

Again, thank you, and keep being awesome.

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  1. dave gonzalez September 22, 2014 at 2:57 pm #

    Hi! I deleted my post from my FB, the IFBC page on FB, and on my blog that I wrote about the IFBC and Todd Coleman. I still feel the same, but I just could not take all the negative stuff people wrote, saying that I was too quick to judge the conference as a whole, based on one session. The thing is, I should have directed my discontent and outrage squarely at Todd Coleman, rather than the IFBC as a whole, but I was too upset at the time, and also felt that the IFBC needed to hear about it. They still do, although writing constructive criticism is not one of my strong points. I believe that one of the FB comments was from one of the organizers, who said that she lived in Japan and Italy and could spot mafia easily and that the people in the photo that Todd Coleman showed at the conference were very likely to be Yakuza. As if that means consent then goes out the window! Regardless of whether they were Yakuza or not, these people clearly did not want to be photographed, much more for their image to be shared to a group of 400+ people at a conference, or anywhere else. So, anyways, I look forward to reading more posts about this from you, because there doesn’t seem to be much else on the internet about it. I could have kept it on my page, but I felt it was out of place among pictures of cakes, tarts, and other desserts on mine. Thanks!

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