Things I’m thinking about: weekend of June 14

Congrats, class of 2013! Commencement is on the 15th, so that’s a great day to not go to the University District – or Century Link Field, where they’ll be stuffing 5,000 newly minted graduates and their families. Really. Go be downtown; it’ll probably be less crowded.

It really feels like summer, so here’s a list of Seattle pools. Go get your feet wet.

If you’re like me, though, you’re more likely to be pulling out your scuba gear. I’m giving a shout out to Underwater Sports, who put up with me through Rescue Diver, but there are a lot of great places out there. And the Edmonds Underwater Park has crazy huge ling cod.

If you need a dessert fix, it’s seriously icebox cake time. I may stick to the old classic of chocolate wafers and whipped cream, but this lemon cream looked awesome, or there’s caramel cream or chocolate peanut butter or chocolate hazelnut or chocolate raspberry or meyer lemon or chocolate ginger peach or even that angel food cake disaster I made that will be getting its own post next week.


It was delicious.

I’m also working on raiding and clearing out my pantry for summer cooking, which will show up soon enough in a post. In the interim, though, I’m living at World Spice Merchants and dreaming of a clean kitchen.

For next week’s Play With Your Food: Raid your pantry for the tiny things you keep on not wanting to photograph. Now go tinier.

Things I did this week:

I rolled more dice, and there was Aion cat plush mug-sharing action.

Kiri took over yet again, with epic waffle s’mores. Epic.

Then we got taken over by tiny doughnut cakes.

I wrote for the designated driver, who is usually me.

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