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One of the issues of trying to write while you’re in grad school is that everyone else wants you to write for them. Essays, group projects, thesis concepts, code. By the time you have a moment to yourself without looming deadlines, you’re ready to be a mindless zombie for a few hours – or days – rather than be creative. This bothers me. When I was younger, my mother used to tell me how she lost interest in reading for fun after doing her literature review. While I still love to read like mad, I absolutely hope that won’t happen to me with writing.
But really, two things hit me hard: a broken toe and finals.

The finals I expected. I mean, that’s part of school; the freaking out for two weeks in the relative period of your usual panic. The essays were challenging but fun, and I felt like I learned something in that time.

Breaking a toe, while minor, made my life far more complex. Suddenly not only could I not walk, but I couldn’t kneel, lift heavy things, or balance on one leg. Add to that a planting-intense final project, and I was not a happy camper.

And I still feel so delicate. I’m wearing a splint, so whenever the bandages are off I limp, or I’m confined to a wheelchair. I’m honestly amazed at how such a small injury is giving me so much grief. Dropping a bottle of conditioner on my bad toe didn’t help my opinion on things, either.

On top of that, my job life has changed a lot, both in and out of school, so I’ve been having to reevaluate what I want Ricochet Biscuit to be, and if I even have time to give it attention.

Ricochet is going to continue. I may have to decrease to 1-2 posts a week as I rush towards my thesis proposal, and it will increase again in the summer as I’ll get to be outside, exploring wetlands at dusk. But it will be different, for my life is different. It will be more nerdy, more analytical. There may or may not be regression charts involved. And that’s a good thing.

Simply put, it’s time to get back to baking.

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